Veterans Administration Medical Center Infrastructure/Stair Towers



As part of a systems support upgrade, the Department of Veteran Affairs plans to construct 4 new infrastructure/stair towers to correct dead end life safety corridor deficiencies at the VA Medical Center in Jamaica Plain Massachusetts. The new towers will be up to 13 stories in height and attach to the exterior fa├žade of the existing building at four different locations. Two of the towers will be constructed above existing lower levels requiring low-headroom equipment for new foundation construction in the existing sub-basement.

Working closely with the project structural engineer (SMRT) and the Veterans Administration, MGA recently completed geotechnical studies for the proposed infrastructure/stair towers providing recommendations for foundation and ground floor support. To resist significant uplift forces (36 to 200 kips) at new column locations, permanent rock tie-down anchors will be installed. MGA is assisting SMRT in preparing specifications for rock removal and permanent tie-down anchors.